Why Prince George?


10 good reasons to live in Prince George


An Affordable City

Le coût de la vie à Prince George est moins élevé que dans la plupart des grands centres urbains et il est plus facile de devenir propriétaire.


Diverse Job Opportunities

The lumber industry, which has always been at the heart of Prince George’s economy, is a constant source of job opportunities for employees, as are the energy and mining sectors. Prince George is also experiencing growth in commercial activities such as retail, construction, health care, and social services.


A Solidly Anchored Francophone Community!

Prince George has 4,305 people who are conversant in French. Le Cercle des Canadiens français de Prince George for example, organises socio-cultural and educational activities for the community.


Centralized and Reliable Health Care

Our city is a hub for healthcare services in Northern British Columbia, many of them are accessible in French!!


A High Quality and Affordable Education System

In Prince George, school fees are low, which means access to quality education for everyone. The Franco-Nord and Duchess Park schools offer a curriculum that is exclusively francophone. In addition, post-secondary education in Prince George has an excellent reputation.


A Perfect Sized City

With its 74,000 inhabitants, Prince George offers all of the amenities of a big city, blended with the warmth and charm of a small town!


Nature at Your Doorstep

Prince George has 100 parks and no fewer than 1,600 lakes and rivers close by! It also features the natural beauty of aurora borealis, preserved forests, mountains and wildlife.


Exceptional Climate Conditions

There are more days of sunshine in Prince George than in other parts of British Columbia! The rate of snowfall is conducive to winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.


Recreational Activities for Everyone

The city offers its residents a wide range of activities n natural surroundings. For people who love restaurants, shopping, museums, and concerts, our downtown has an array of activities!


A Shared Culture

Prince George is well known for its cultural diversity. 7,000 people speak a language other than French or English. The city offers many eclectic events, such as the Heatwawe in June and l’Afrofest in September. It is also home to many different places of worship, including Catholic and Protestant churches, Sikh temples, and Islamic mosques.