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Come live in Prince George!

Settlement Services in French

Upon moving to Prince George, Francophone immigrants can benefit from a warm welcome and services in French to help them get settled.

Welcome and Orientation

We welcome French speaking newcomers to Prince George and provide support from the time they arrive until they are settled.

Practical Tools and Resources

We provide clear information and tools to help French-speaking newcomers get orientated in their new city.

Mentorship Program

A chance for Francophone immigrants to make their first connections and explore Prince George with local residents who know their way around.

Networking Events and Forums

Events are organised several times a year to get to know the people and the organisations that can help Francophone newcomers integrate and get settled.

Employment Preparation

We provide Francophone immigrants with opportunities to bring their English language skills up to a level where they can find a job, and help them connect with the local job market.

Objectif English!

Our English conversation groups open up doors to meet and talk to people and develop personal, social, and professional skills in English.

Intensive English workshop

Our intensive workshops are composed of conversational classes and specific activities to help learn English while getting to know the Community.

Outings in English

Outings in English with Francophones and Francophiles of the community to discover the local culture and the city of Prince George.

Job Search Workshops

Personalised services support you in your job search. By participating in our workshops, you can discover the local businesses and sectors that are hiring, and receive aids with the employment process.

Job Site Visits

Job site visits of some of the major local employers, such as the hospital, university, vineyards, forestry companies and other industries.

Job Fairs

Local and virtual job fairs to network with various employers and learn about employment opportunities in Prince George.

Community Connections and Recreational Activities

Connect with the francophone community by participating in our cultural events and taking advantage of our tips on life in Prince George.

Life in Prince George

Practical workshops addressing important topics about British Columbia and in particular, Prince George.

Activities for Immigrant Women

We offer Francophone immigrants women with the opportunity to participate in activities where they can create a women’s network for moral and practical support.

Cultural Events

Opportunities and events for French speaking newcomers to to share their culture with other francophone immigrants and members of the community of Prince George.

Recreational Activities in French

A chance to thrive in French and experience various recreational activities with other Francophones and Francophiles of the community.

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